WWDC 2010 News And Rumors Roundup

WWDC 2010 Dates announced

Apple’s WorldWide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2010 starts tomorrow with the Keynote address by Steve Jobs at 10am Pacific.

Based on the banner “The centre of the app universe”, it looks like the theme for this years WWDC will revolve around Apps for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

So what else can we expect Steve Jobs to announce during his Keynote address based on the news and rumors we’ve heard so far.

Fourth Generation iPhone (iPhone G4):

It is widely speculated that Steve Jobs will unveil the next generation iPhone.

You can checkout our news and rumors roundup to find out everything we know about Apple’s new iPhone.

WWDC 2010 Dates announced

iPhone OS 4.0:

We expect Steve Jobs to announce the release date for Apple’s next generation iPhone OS – iPhone OS 4.0.

We could expect Apple to announce features in iPhone OS 4.0 especially for the new iPhone such as video conferencing capabilities.

Steve Jobs could also announce that AT&T will allow iPhone tethering with the release of iPhone OS 4.0 based on AT&T’s announcement earlier in the week.

Since Apple hasn’t released the golden master version of iPhone OS 4.0, we expect to release iPhone OS 4.0 sometime next week.

Apple had announced that iPhone OS 4.0 will be available to iPad users in fall, so it is likely that iPhone OS 4.0 SDK for iPad could be released at WWDC.

iPhone OS 3.2.1 or iPhone OS 3.3 for iPad:

Ever since the iPad launched in April, there have been several reports about users noticing Wi-Fi connectivity related issues with their iPad.

Apple had updated its support page with additional information that offers details on a new set of workarounds to help iPad users find a solution to the Wi-Fi connectivity problem. More crucially, Apple had also noted that there are a few more potential issues, which shall be corrected with a future iPad software update.

So we expect Apple to announce the release date for iPhone OS 3.2.1 or iPhone OS 3.3 for iPad.

End of AT&T’s iPhone Exclusivity:

We’ve heard several rumors that Apple might end AT&T’s iPhone exclusivity in the US with the launch of iPhone 4G.

It is widely speculated that Apple has been working on two iPhones, one of them for Verizon. Apple reportedly has placed an order for 10 million Verizon iPhones with Pegatron.

Verizon is apparently also working with an ad agency on the iPhone campaign.

There are rumors that Verizon iPhone might be available during the holiday shopping season. But Verizon recently commented that they had no plans to carry the iPhone in the immediate future.

We’ve also reported that iPhone HD or iPhone 4G might come to Sprint this month.

Cloud-based iTunes:

As you know, Apple shutdown Lala, the online music streaming service it acquired in December last year on June 1st.

While there has been no official communication from Apple so far about how the company plans to integrate Lala with the company's own product offerings, it is being speculated that Apple may use Lala's technology to build a cloud-based iTunes service.

We’ve heard rumors that Steve Jobs will announce the cloud-based iTunes service at WWDC.

During the Q&A session at All Things Digital, Steve Jobs had said:

"You want to share your content that you bought amongst your various devices. You can do that today with a wire. You can't do that without a wire. We need to work harder on that. We need to do better. Anytime soon? We're working on it."

Bing Coming to iPhone:

TechCrunch had reported that according to multiple sources, Apple is likely to announce a new search-deal for iPhone OS 4.0, which will see Bing replacing Google as the default search engine on the iPhone.

We don’t expect Apple to replace Google as the default search engine on the iPhone but Bing might probably be added as an option so users who prefer Bing can select it. Currently users have an option to change the default search engine from Google to Yahoo.

MobileMe Free:

We’ve heard rumors that Apple will make MobileMe free.

BGR had reported couple of days back that some MobileMe users are seeing their account type switch from "Individual" to "Full Member". Does it mean MobileMe will turn into a freemium service from Monday? We’ll soon find out.

Visual Studio App Development Tools for iPhone and Mac OS:

We had rumors that Microsoft may announce the launch of a new version of Visual Studio 2010 that will allow developers to write applications for iPhone OS and Mac OS.

New Apple TV:

We’ve heard rumors that the new Apple TV will be based on iPhone OS and the new architecture will bring Apple's indigenously built A4 CPU chip to the device.

Safari Extensions:

There are some murmurs that Apple might debut Safari 5 for desktop computers at WWDC, which might include an extension framework. It would be amazing if Apple brings extensions to iPhone’s Saf
ari browser as well.

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