FaceTime Coming To Next-Gen iPod Touch And iPad?

FaceTime on iPod Touch and iPad

Over the past few days, we have been hearing rumors that suggest that the next generation of iPod Touch and iPad could come with a front facing camera that would enable FaceTime to work on these devices.

Now folks at Boy Genius Report have unearthed more information on how this could actually work out. 

As you may be aware, Apple's FaceTime video-calling feature references every user by their phone number. This is tricky since users of iPod Touch and iPad do not have a phone number referenced to their device. BGR sources have revealed that Apple may alternatively make use of the users' Apple ID to reference the devices. Consequently, a FaceTime conversation with these users may be initiated by "calling" their email address. Here are screen-grabs of the FaceTime account registration and settings page on the next generation iPod Touch

FaceTime on iPod Touch and iPad

FaceTime on iPod Touch and iPad

Users on these Apple devices will be asked to sign up with FaceTime using the email address that is associated with their Apple ID. Once the user verifies his/her email account, they are ready to go. As you can see from the screenshots, it is also possible that Apple would let users add multiple email IDs to their FaceTime account so that they may be contacted by work colleagues, friends and family with the relevant email addresses. BGR points out that users on these devices may receive FaceTime video-call requests via push notifications.

There are a few unanswered questions though. It is not clear if Apple will also integrate FaceTime on iPhone 4 with the user's Apple ID. This appears inevitable since iPhone users who also own an iPad or iPod Touch would otherwise end up with multiple FaceTime accounts. We are also not sure of how FaceTime would integrate with non-Apple devices in future. You may be aware that Apple is working on creating an open standard for FaceTime that will allow non-Apple device owners to communicate using FaceTime. 

If these speculations turn out to be accurate then the future looks very promising for FaceTime. What has been your experience with FaceTime so far? Please share your views in the comments below.

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