iOS 4.1 Beta Reveals Game Center With A New Look, FaceTime Favorites, Ability To Disable Spell Check And More

iOS 4.1 Beta

It looks like iOS 4.1 beta 1 also includes some minor improvements in addition to the fix for the incorrect display of signal strength.

Macrumors forum members have discovered that iOS 4.1 includes Game Center, Apple’s social gaming network with a brand new look.

Macrumors reports:

Game Center is Apple's matchmaking and leaderboard social network for iOS games. The lack of Game Center in the official iOS 4.0 release caused some confusion, but Apple had never intended Gamecenter to be launched alongside 4.0. Instead, Apple had promised Game Center to come out later this year.

It remains in beta testing for now with no announced release date. The style of the app, however, has been dramatically changed from the original release.

iOS 4.1 Beta

Macrumors forum users have also discovered the following minor changes in iOS 4.1 beta 1:

  • Flash/Camera buttons reposition themselves in landscape (as seen in the screenshot below).

  • Favorites in the Phone app can now be added as Voice or Facetime.

  • Check Spelling can be turned Off in Setting

iOS 4.1 Beta

We will let you know if we find out about any more new features or changes in iOS 4.1 beta 1.

Please do let us know your views on the new changes in iOS 4.1 beta 1.

[via Macrumors]