Mozilla Labs’ “Firefox Home” iPhone App Submitted To App Store For Approval

Firefox Home iphone app submitted to app store

In October last year, Mozilla Labs CEO, John Lilly had indicated that his company would be launching an iPhone app for Firefox in the future. 

The company has now announced that their first ever iPhone app – Firefox Home, has now been submitted to the Apple App Store for approval. The new app will provide iPhone users a quick access to their Firefox desktop history, open tabs and bookmarks.

Heavy Firefox users may have grown used to the browser's "awesome bar". The bar offers a smart list of URL suggestions based on the user's bookmarks and past browsing history. Mozilla says that the new Firefox Home app will bring the awesome bar to the iPhone. This will provide iPhone users with a quick access to the most visited webpages even when they are on the move. 

To make full use the app, users may however have to set up Firefox Sync on their desktop or laptop. This will automatically sync all of the users' activities on the desktop to the cloud which can be accessed from the iPhone app anytime. Mozilla also explains that users can open links directly on Firefox Home or choose to view them from the iPhone's default Mobile Safari web browser. 

Firefox Home iphone app submitted to app store

It may be noted that the Firefox Home app is not integrated with all the features that is available on the full version. For instance, as Mashable points out, the iPhone app does not sync passwords. Despite this, the Firefox Home iPhone app could be popular among users who use Firefox on their desktop computers.

Here is a short video preview of the upcoming app from Mozilla.

The Firefox Home app directly competes with the iPhone's native Mobile Safari application. Though Apple typically rejects apps that duplicate the iPhone's native functionalities, we believe that Firefox Home shall be approved considering that Apple had also approved the Opera Mini app recently.

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