White iPhone 4 Delay Due To Light Leakage Issue?

White iPhone delay due to light leakage

Though highly anticipated, the white iPhone 4 is yet to see the light of day. The model was initially postponed until the "second half of July" only to be postponed yet again "until later this year".

Apple has cited challenges in manufacturing process as the reason behind the delay in launch of the white iPhone.

While it is popularly believed to be linked to the new iPhone's antenna reception issue, some experts have also noted that the delay could have been caused by potential quality control issues arising due to the white coloring on the glass front panel.

There are now indications that the delay in the launch of the white iPhone 4 could actually be due to manufacturing challenges as noted by Apple. According to a recent article on The Street, the back light from the white iPhone 4 display could be leaking out through the edges of the glass to the back casing of the device. The Street also notes from its source that the back casing of the white colored iPhone has a lower opacity than its black counterpart which is primarily responsible for the issue. Also, unlike metal or plastic cases, the glass casing on iPhone 4 poses a stiffer challenge in plugging these light-leaking gaps. 

Incidentally, this is not an issue that is specific to the white iPhone 4 alone. Several HTC EVO 4G users had complained of similar light leakage issues on their Android phones in recent weeks as well. However, it may be worth noting that the back casing on the HTC EVO is made of plastic and not glass.

The delay in the launch of the white iPhone has come as a huge disappointment to many users who had been eagerly looking forward to purchase it. Are you still holding back on buying iPhone 4 due to this delay? Tell us in the comments. 

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