MiTime Activates FaceTime On Unlocked iPhone 4 On Unofficial Carriers Like T-Mobile

MiTime Jailbreak App

Developer of PushFix has released a jailbreak app on Cydia called MiTime, which activates Facetime on unlocked iPhones running on unofficial carriers such as T-Mobile US.

According to the developer, the jailbreak app should work in almost every country except for Cambodia, and Bolivia (Tigo).

MiTime costs $5.99, which seems reasonable if you want to enable the FaceTime feature that is currently not working on your unlocked iPhone 4. It also includes the cost of sending two international SMS required to activate the feature.

You should be able to receive International SMS to activate the FaceTime feature. (You can use this website to test whether you receive a SMS).

You can follow the instructions provided on the MiTime website to activate Facetime on your unlocked iPhone 4.

The video below demonstrates how MiTime activates the FaceTime feature:

As always, let us know how it goes.

[via MiTime]