Next Gen Apple TV To Be Renamed iTV; May Get An App Store And Render 720p Video?

Apple TV rumors

Apple's foray into the television set-top box business may not have had much traction so far and the company has itself claimed that Apple TV is nothing more than "a hobby".

However, it now appears that Apple may finally be getting serious about the television business.

Earlier this year, there were speculations that Apple could be relaunching the Apple TV over the iOS platform. As we had noted back then, the new Apple TV was rumored to come with a new form factor that would make it look like "an iPhone without a screen". The device was expected to let users stream 1080p full HD content from a cloud-based iTunes system and was noted to be powered by the A4 processor chip

Engadget has now provided more information on this upcoming product. According to their latest report, Apple TV might not be enabled to stream full HD video like it was earlier speculated and would instead only playback video at 720p resolution. It is not entirely clear why Apple's initial plans to render full HD video on the new Apple TV has been scrapped.

Engadget has also confirmed earlier rumors about integrating the new Apple TV with the iTunes App Store. Details over the functionality remain scarce at the moment and it is not clear how Apple plans to integrate this offering with the existing suite of apps for the iPhone and iPad platforms. Not surprisingly, there are also rumors that Apple may rebrand its television offering to bring it in line with the other iOS-based devices. Engadget reports that Apple TV may be relaunched as iTV. It is worth noting that the device was in fact known as iTV back in 2006 before it was launched as Apple TV in January 2007.

Apple is expected to launch the new iTV sometime later this year. We wonder if Apple will make the announcement at the media event that is rumored to be scheduled in mid-September. What do you think?

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