Sony Takes A Dig At iPhone Games In New PSP Ad

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Ars Technica has spotted a new television ad for Sony PSP, which takes a dig at a smartphone that looks like Apple’s iPhone, indirectly admitting that it is facing the heat from Apple’s iPhone for gaming dollars.

Sony is also trying to promote its older PSP games that are available for $9.99 rather than the big name titles.

Ars Technica reports:

It's interesting: the PSP is basically setting itself up as an alternative to iPhone games, which is the opposite of how that argument usually plays out. Sony is also promoting inexpensive, older games as a reason to enjoy the PSP instead of looking ahead to big-name upcoming titles.

By trying to take a dig at a smartphone to promote a mobile gaming device like the PSP, Sony has probably highlighted it’s desperation. Ars Technica rightly point out:

Cell phone games are popular because they are inexpensive, work on a device that you already carry with you, and can be purchased from nearly anywhere.

Sony is probably better off spending its energy and advertising dollars on developing a smaller PSP-like device that includes the smartphone functionality and provides a marketplace like the App Store, which makes it very easy for customers to download games directly on the device.

What do you think about the PSP ad?