Amazon Takes A Dig At iPad’s Glossy Screen In New Kindle Commercial


Amazon has attacked Apple’s iPad in the new Kindle commercial launched over the weekend.

The ad features a guy sitting poolside in a t-shirt and shorts struggling to read an e-book on a black LCD-screen device that looks an awful lot like an iPad.

A scene from’s latest TV ad for the Kindle.

Next to him, a gal in a bikini is enjoying reading on her Kindle, featuring an E Ink screen that looks so clear in the sun that she can even read with sunglasses on. She tells iPad guy she’s able to read in the sun because she’s got a Kindle, which cost less than her sunglasses.

Amazon points out that iPad’s glossy screen is less readable in direct sunlight as compared to Kindle’s e-ink screen, which reads like real paper with no glare.

I’ve faced the issue that Amazon has highlighted in the ad, but I rarely read in direct sunlight so it is not a deal breaker for me.

If I was looking for a device to just read e-books then I would have definitely bought a Kindle, but I wanted something small and light that can also send emails, surf the web, watch videos, play games, use some amazing apps like Twitter for iPad and lots more, which was the reason I bought an iPad.

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[via WSJ]