Apple Getting Ready For The Official Launch Of Game Center; Confirms It Is Not Compatible With iPhone 3G

Game Center iOS 4.1

Apple is set to release the latest version of iOS very shortly. The new iOS 4.1 shall bring a number of new features and enhancements with one of the most notable inclusions being Game Center - Apple's all-new social gaming network.

You may be aware that Game Center is Apple's matchmaking and leaderboard social network for iOS-based games that lets users connect with their friends to play a wide array of games on their iDevices. 

Game Center, which was first unveiled in April will make its debut in iOS 4.1, which mean it will not be supported on the original iPhone, iPhone 2G as well as the first generation iPod Touch (as iOS 4 or later is not available for these devices). 

In addition to this, we have also learned that iPhone 3G users will not be able to access Game Center on their handset even though the model supports iOS 4.1. 

Here is the list of iDevices that will support the new Game Center feature: 

Game Center iOS 4.1

Game Centre will allow users to do the following:

  • Search and invite friends to compete with them
  • Find out which games you're friends are playing
  • Auto-match will find your friends or other players to play multiplayer games
  • Check their overall ranking from the Leaderboard and Achievements listings

Several developers who were testing the service have seen their accounts deleted, indicating that Apple is getting ready for the official launch of Game Centre with the release of iOS 4.1, which is expected to be released later today – September 8

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