Apple Scraps Custom Ringtone Editor In iTunes 10; But Hack To Make Free Ringtones Still Works

iPhone custom ringtone feature

If you are crazy about ringtones then you probably knew of the iTunes feature that lets you create custom ringtone from a song that you've already purchased for an additional cost of $0.99.

It looks like Apple has scrapped this feature from iTunes 10 that was released last week.

Folks at MacLife point out that the iTunes ringtone editor – the tool that provided the ability to create personalized 30-second long ringtones – is missing from the list of music options in iTunes. The latest iTunes 10 version however continues to offer the ringtone syncing feature to users. 

iPhone custom ringtone feature

It is not clear why Apple decided to scrap the feature that offered users a legitimate channel to purchase ringtones. It is worth noting that the older versions of iTunes still support this ringtone-editor functionality and will hence continue to support the creation of custom tones. MacRumors also points out that the Apple website has retained support documents that elaborate on the procedure to create custom ringtones using iTunes. These documents however carry no mention of the fact that the feature is not available on iTunes 10.

Nevertheless, if you are looking to create custom ringtones for your iPhone, there are alternate hacks that still work. Last month we had written about a simple hack that would let you make free custom iPhone ringtones using iTunes. The hack was first discovered over three years back and involves a simple process of converting DRM-free m4a files of 30 second duration into m4r files that is the recognized ringtone format.

If you have already downloaded the latest version of iTunes, you can check out our step-by-step guide to create custom ringtones using this simple hack by clicking here. Do let us know how it works in the comments below.

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