Apple TV To Start Shipping Soon; More Evidence Of Apple TV Apps

Apple TV starts shipping

It has been over three weeks since the new Apple TV was unveiled during the September 1 media event. If you are one of those who had placed an early pre-order, chances are that your Apple TV may be shipping soon.

Several customers have noted charges made to their credit cards, which suggests that Apple may be preparing to ship the first batch of the new Apple TVs. 

This news comes as no suprise considering that Steve Jobs had promised a four-week lead time for the launch of Apple TV. Also, customers who had made an early pre-order were notified that the shipping will happen in September. Nevertheless, it is exciting to know that the new Apple TV will be available soon.

The new Apple TV is a significant upgrade from the older model and measures just one-fourth of the original size. Besides this, Apple has also incorporated a lot of other changes. The new Apple TV runs on an A4 processor and comes with a 16GB flash drive instead of a 160GB mechanical drive that was present in the older model. The upcoming model can interact with iOS devices using the AirPlay technology that will enable users stream music, video and photos from any iDevice to their TV.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the new Apple TV is its software platform. Though Apple has not officially confirmed it, it is widely speculated that the new Apple TV will run on iOS. This indicates a potential integration with the App Store in the future. As Steve Jobs had noted in an interview earlier this month, "when the time is right, Apple could open an App Store for the TV". It is however not clear if this will also mean that users can access their iPhone or iPad apps on their television sets. 

Interestingly, folks at MacRumors have come across a Linkedin profile that describes the position of an intern as an “Apple TV Apps Engineer”, which hints that third-party apps for Apple TV are imminent (unless its for the pre-installed apps).

We can't wait for the iPhone hacking community to jailbreak the new Apple TV to see if it is possible to bring apps to Apple TV.

Have you pre-ordered your Apple TV? Do you see charges made to your credit card yet? Tell us in the comments.

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