GV Mobile+: Popular Google Voice iPhone App Returns To The App Store

GV Mobile+

GV Mobile+ – the most popular Google Voice iPhone app has finally hit the App store.

Yesterday, we had reported that GV Connect was available on the App Store making it the first Google Voice app to be approved by Apple after making changes to its App Developer agreement and were expecting GV Mobile+ to be approved soon.

GV Mobile developed by Sean Kovacs was one of several third party apps that were built on Google Voice to offer better call management services to users. Apple had rejected GV Mobile along with several other apps last year citing duplicity of features.

But last week we had reported that Apple had contacted Sean Kovacs and had indicated that his application will be accepted if it was resubmitted to the App Store for review.

Sean has just announced that GV Mobile+ has just been approved to the App Store:

After a long year and a half of being home sick, GV Mobile (+) makes an epic return to the App Store.

GV Mobile is available on the App Store for $2.99 and you can download it using this iTunes link. (Note: The app is still propagating to all the servers, so it may take a bit before it shows up)

Unfortunately, Kovacs had deleted the Google Voice iPhone app after it was rejected from the App Store so he had to release it with a new name, which means that users who owned the original GV Mobile iPhone will have to still pay for GV Mobile+.

It will be interesting to see when Apple will approve Google’s official Google Voice iPhone app.

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[via Sean Kovacs's blog]