iOS 4.2 Will Finally Allow You To Search For Text On A Web page In Mobile Safari

iOS 4.2

Folks at TiPB have discovered a nifty little feature in iOS 4.2 Beta that was released yesterday to developers of iOS Developer Program.

Until now, it was not possible to search for text on Mobile Safari browser. You had to use workarounds such as bookmarklets or plugins to do the job. But with iOS 4.2, you will be able search for text on a web page directly from the search box.

TiPB describes how the feature works:

Now in iOS 4.2 beta 1 you just use the regular old search field (still confusingly labeled Google by default) and start typing the text you want to find.

Where previously you only got suggested search terms, now you get a second list at the bottom for words you can search on the page. Tap one and the first match on the page is highlighted in yellow and a set of buttons slide up on the bottom for “Next” and “Done”, as well as a counter for how many matches of the word there are on the page, and which one is currently highlighted (e.g., 7/16). Hit next until you find the one you want, hit done when you’re finished. If you want to change the find term, the search box is repositioned alongside the controls to make it convenient.


iOS 4.2


iOS 4.2

I’m sure most of you will find this feature useful. It’s strange that it took Apple so much time to bring it to the iDevice.

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[via TiPB]