iPhone (iOS 4) Vs Windows Phone 7: UI Compared

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Folks at Pocket Now have published an interesting comparison of iOS 4 running on an iPhone 4 with Windows Phone 7 running on a LG phone.

In the video, they have compared the user interface of the unlock screen, homescreen, multitasking and accessibility to audio playback controls of the two mobile operation systems.

Here are some of the observations from the comparison:

Unlock Screen:

iPhone’s unlock screen displays the date and time and also tell you if you have a missed call or received new text messages. Windows Phone 7 unlock screen displays the date and time, missed calls, new text messages, email notifications and calendar appointments (if any).

Home Screen:

iPhone’s home screen is app centric and quite static in nature. iOS 4 gives users the ability to manage iPhone apps in folders. The layout of Windows Phone 7 homescreen is quite different. It offers a homescreen that has live widgets, which Microsoft calls live titles. The live tiles display information on the homescreen dynamically, which is quite useful as users don’t have to launch the application to get the details. But in Windows Phone 7, the apps are organized as a list in alphabetic order, which will end up becoming quite painful and unmanageable once a users downloads many apps.


The fast app switching feature in the iPhone makes it a lot easier to switch between apps running in the background where as there no such feature available in Windows Phone 7.

Audio Playback Controls:

In Windows Phone 7, you can access the audio playback controls via the volume buttons whereas in the iPhone, you can access the audio playback controls via the task switcher (or double clicking the home button when the iPhone is locked). Accessibility of audio playback controls is a lot more intuitive in Windows Phone 7.

You can checkout the video of comparison to get a better idea of the features in Windows Phone 7:

It is important to note that Windows Phone 7 hardware and software shown in the video is not the final version.

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So what do you think about Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7? Do you think it will give Apple’s iPhone a run for its money? Tell us in the comments.

[via Pocket Now]