New Apple TV Teardown Reveals 8GB Storage, 256MB RAM, A4 Processor & More

Apple TV starts shipping

Folks at iFixit have got their hands on the new Apple TV and have performed a thorough teardown of the device.

Kyle Wiens, CEO of iFixit, sent us an email to provide us details about the internals of the second generation Apple TV such as the RAM, storage and the processor powering it.


iFixit has discovered that the new Apple TV is powered by Apple’s A4 processor. The marking on the processor K4X2G643GE is identical to the one found on the iPad and iPod Touch 4G but it is not the same as iPhone 4.


iFixit has also discovered that it comes with an 8GB NAND Flash storage, which is pretty good for a $99 device. Apple is using the same Samsung K9LCG08U1M 8GB NAND Flash chip that it used in the iPad.

The size of the onboard storage is interesting as it means that Apple could open up the Apple TV platform, which currently runs a version of iOS 4.1 to developers sometime in the future. Steve Jobs has already commented that Apple will launch the App Store for Apple TV when the time is right.

Until then, we're sure many new Apple TV users will be eagerly waiting for the iPhone hacking community who have already jailbroken iOS 4.1 for Apple TV to develop jailbreak apps and make use of the 8GB storage space.

Interestingly, iFixit has found an empty spot right next to the Samsung NAND flash storage that could accommodate another Samsung NAND flash chip, so Apple could introduce another Apple TV model with more storage in the future.


Apple TV comes with 256MB RAM just like the iPad and iPod Touch.

Here are some photos of the Apple TV internals:

Apple TV starts shipping
Apple TV starts shipping
Apple TV starts shipping
Apple TV starts shipping

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