New Apple TV Unveiled – Features And Specifications Walkthrough

Apple TV features

Steve Jobs unveiled the next generation Apple TV at the media event in San Francisco yesterday.

The new Apple TV brings several enhancements to the functionalities as well as considerable reduction to the size and pricing of the device.

The new Apple TV is considerably smaller than the older model and measures just one-fourth of its size. As speculated, the new model will run on Apple’s natively built A4 processor and is equipped to handle HDMI output for 720p HD video and 5.1 audio. However, unlike popular speculations, the Apple TV has not been rebranded as iTV and will not be integrated to the Apple App Store.

Here’s a rundown on all the salient features of the new Apple TV

Dimensions: Apple’s new set-top box is extremely small and only measures 0.9″ x 3.9″ x 3.9″. The device weighs around 0.6 pounds. According to Steve Jobs, “You can hold it in the palm of your hand.

Hardware: As mentioned, the new Apple TV will run on the A4 processor. The device will do away with the 160GB storage drive and will instead relay content from the cloud. The set-top box will contain ports for HDMI2 and optical audio to support audio and video playback. Additionally, there is also an Ethernet port, a built-in IR receiver and a micro-USB port for service and support. The new Apple TV can interact wirelessly and has 802.11n Wi-Fi with a/b/g compatibility.

Apple TV features

Video Streaming: Content consumption on the new Apple TV will be based on a rental model instead of a purchasing model. Users can rent first-run HDTV movies at a price of $4.99 while HD TV shows from Fox and ABC will be available for $0.99. Content from other producers are likely to be available in future. In addition to this, users may also stream video content from Netflix, YouTube and access photos from Flickr. Content streaming shall also be possible from a Mac, PC or a MobileMe account. 

iOS Integration: Though Apple TV will not run iOS, the device is integrated with iOS devices using the new AirPlay technology so that users can stream photos, music and video from any iDevice running iOS 4.2 or later.

Remote Access: The new Apple TV comes with an aluminium Apple Remote for remote access. Additionally, the Remote App for iPhone and iPod Touch will help you navigate content on Apple TV using your iDevice. Users may also search particular titles from inside the app interface for viewing over Apple TV. 

Pricing And Launch: The new Apple TV will be available at a price of $99. The device is expected to start shipping later this month.

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