Apple Holding ‘Back To Mac’ Media Event On October 20th

Back To Mac

Engadget has reported that Apple has issued invitations for a special event called 'Back to the Mac' on October 20th.

The event is scheduled to take place a week from now at Apple's campus in Cupertino, Calafornia at 10:00 AM Pacific.

As you can see below, the invitation contains an image of a lion peeking out from behind the Apple logo, which indicates that Apple could give us a glimpse of the next generation Mac OS X that might be called “Lion”, which has been one of the most commonly-suggested "big cat" names for the next-generation operating system.

Back To Mac

Apple might also announce its new notebook line for the holiday season as it usually refreshes its notebook line in October or November.

We hope Apple surprises us by making the following announcements:

  • Touch enabled MacBooks:

A patent application filed by Apple had revealed that it is working on the concept of a MacBook computer that could also double up as an iOS-based tablet-style convertible devices.

  • FaceTime client for Mac OS X and Windows:

We have also heard rumors that Apple is working on a version of the FaceTime video calling client for both the Mac OS X and Windows.

As always, we will watch out for any iPhone, iPad or  iPod Touch related news.

We can’t wait for October 20th to find out what Apple has in store for us. How about you?

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