CDMA iPhone For Verizon’s Network Almost Confirmed

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Over the past few days, rumors of a CDMA iPhone coming to Verizon have been getting stronger. The latest bout of rumors started after a Wall Street Journal report that appeared a few days ago.

That original WSJ story was then updated to inform us that Verizon is prepping up its network to meet the possible surge in the demand for the iPhone – when it arrives on the network.

In yet another instance of giving credence to the rumors, (and almost confirming it), another major publication, the New York Times is now reporting that Apple is planning to bring the iPhone to Verizon.

Interestingly, one reason being cited for Apple to bring the iPhone to Verizon's CDMA network is because of the continuous rise in popularity of arch rival Google's Android operating system.

The New York Times attributes its news to a “person who is in direct contact with Apple” and by the looks of it, we have something trustworthy here.

Of course, the source didn’t wish to be named because of the fear that his expose could damage his cordial relationship with Apple. While the iPhone is still high in the popularity stakes, the problem is its availability in the US (and also in other countries across the world). Unlike Android, which has a host of devices and carrier options, Apple is restricted to just one service provider (mostly) and makes the hardware and software for the phones themselves.

This non-availability has adversely affected Apple's market share and at this juncture, a CDMA iPhone could usher in a whole new bunch of users to the iOS platform and thereby pep up the iPhone market share. Some analysts expect that as many as 10 million additional iPhones could be sold – just by the addition of a CDMA version of the device.

Most of our readers are eagerly waiting for Verizon to offer the iPhone, either to jump ship due to AT&T's poor network coverage in their area or they're hoping that competition from Verizon would force AT&T to bring down prices of the data plans or at least increase the data limits. How about you? Tell us in the comments. 

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