Leaked Photos Of Verizon iPhone?

Apple Vs RIM

Folks at RichyRich have published photos, which they claim are photos of a prototype N92 iPhone.

Back in August, John Gruber of Daring Fireball who has a good track record with Apple rumors had revealed that the CDMA-based iPhone codenamed N92 was at EVT (engineering verification test) that’s one step below DVT, which is one step below production.

We had reported yesterday that according to BGR’s trusted Apple’s sources, the Verizon iPhone had just entered the “AP” testing stage, which is the final field testing stage before the device is launched.

Folks at RichyRich report:

I’m happy to report a follow up to that post with live shots of an “N92DVT” device, which was reported to be the CDMA version of the iPhone 4 back in August by John Gruber. To my knowledge, these shots originated from a repair shop in Vietnam, and according to the “DVT” (Design Verification Test) label, it is in final testing stages before production.

I was told that the side of the device does in fact have a micro-sim slot, like the current GSM-only variant; although the device is no longer in my sources possession, therefore I wasn’t able to obtain photos for proof. This coincides with Boy Genius’ aforementioned post, which enables us to speculate if this means it has global roaming capabilities, if it’s a one device for all unit, or both.

As you can see in the images below, the device is running a test operating system, similar to the “inferno” operating system that was found on the iPhone 4 beta images and video that leaked from Vietnam earlier this year, which was also a “DVT” unit.

Here are some of the screenshots:

Apple Vs RIM  Apple Vs RIM
Apple Vs RIM  Apple Vs RIM
Apple Vs RIM

The photos do not reveal much details expect for the fact that if it is indeed the Verizon iPhone then the design would be identical to iPhone 4.

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