Mac OS X 10.7 Lion Will Come With New User Interface Elements

Mac OS X UI Changes

Steve Jobs unveiled the new Mac OS X Lion platform last week that saw several iOS-inspired features being incorporated "back to the Mac".

Some of the features on the new OS X include the LaunchPad, Fullscreen apps and Mission Command Control.

Some eagle eyed users have been noticed that the new platform appears to come with many more changes in the interface. 

Here is a rundown of these changes: 

iOS-like Scroll Bars:

Speculations ahead of the media event pointed out to the possibility of an iOS inspired scroll bar on the new Mac OS X platform that would replace the current Aqua scroll bars. As it turns out, these new scroll bars will indeed be available on the new version. Also, like it is on the iOS, the scroll bars shall disappear from the screen when it is not in use and will reappear when the platform detects scrolling or any other mouse movement.

Mac OS X UI Changes

New Window Resizing Control:

Currently, resizing of windows on Mac OS X is possible only from the bottom right corner of the window. With the new OS X 10.7 version, users will be able to resize windows from any corner. 

App Launched/Unlaunched Indicator:

One of the cool things about Mac OS X is the way it shows applications that are running using a light indicator. The latest version of the platform however brings new functionalities like "auto save" and "app resumption on launch", which means there is little to no difference between applications that are actually running and those that are not. Consequently, the new version of the OS will no longer indicate "launched" apps using the characteristic light indicator. 

Mac OS X UI Changes

What do you think about these new interface changes? Are there any other interesting UI changes that you have noticed? Tell us in the comments below.

[via MacRumors]