Remove Background: Jailbreak App To Free Up Memory Gets iOS 4.1 Support

Remove Background SBSettings Toggle

Jailbreak appRemove Background has been updated for iOS 4.1.

Remove Background is a useful jailbreak app if you are struggling to keep up with the growing number of iPhone apps running in the background as it allows you to remove them from the task switcher in on go.

rono23, the developer of Remove Background has recently updated it to support iOS 4.1. He has also added new features to the app since we last wrote about it.

You can now select the apps that should not be closed by Remove Background, which is useful as you don’t want some apps like an instant messenger app that you typically want to be running in the background to be closed.

You should also install the SBSettings toggle called Remove Background SBSettings (RemoveBG) from the Cydia App Store as it gives you faster access to the feature.

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