Verizon Hiring Call Center Staff For iPhone Launch?

Cdma iphone

With both Verizon and Apple are yet to officially confirm the arrival of the CDMA iPhone on Verizon early next year, it is left to tech bloggers and enthusiasts to look for clues that point towards either of these companies prepping themselves up for a launch.

Yesterday, there were reports about AT&T training its staff to handle queries related to other smartphones, which they have been concentrating on lately. This also points towards the possibilty of AT&T preparing itself to be less dependent on the iPhone as it might be losing its iPhone exclusivity.

Close on the heels of that report, CNET has in a recent post reported that Verizon is also hiring call center staff “by the hundreds” through third party hiring companies like Teleperformance and Ryla – both of which have previous experience of supporting Verizon customers.

Both the companies are looking for customer service representatives to field calls for a "major wireless cell phone service retailer". 

A Teleperformance call center in Augusta, Georgia is looking to double its employees “for a major wireless company that we have secured a new line of business, one of our existing clients," according to Marcie Ballard, Vice President of recruiting for Teleperformance. Although Ballard did not reveal the name of the client, it is likely to be Verizon.

Apart from that, Careerbuilder too has recent postings for positions for "either a wireless, cell phone, or communications company," with additional positions offering technical support for "personal computers and portable devices like MP3 players and smartphones".

Rumors regarding Verizon's expansion comes at a time when rival AT&T has inched closer to the former in the race for becoming the largest wireless provider in the US. Verizon, which has 93.2 million customers is now just ahead of AT&T, which boasts of 92.8 million subscribers. Besides, AT&T has been growing faster courtesy Apple's iPhone thereby increasing the chances of it overtaking Verizon soon.

Do you think the arrival of the iPhone on Verizon would help it maintain the lead over AT&T?

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