BlackBerry PlayBook Vs iPad: Web Browsing Experience

blackberry playbook

Almost two months after it was announced, RIM has posted a video comparing the web browsing experience on its upcoming 7-inch tablet – the BlackBerry PlayBook with the current bestseller, the Apple iPad.

The latter, as you might be already aware would be its primary rival when RIM starts selling the PlayBook. Of course, BlackBerry would also have to fend off the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Tab and not to mention, the Notion Ink Adam, which seems to have made some progress and is nearing a launch.

The three minute video shows a RIM Engineer perform some tests to show the web browsing experience on both the devices.

He starts off by loading and then on the tablets. PlayBook loads both the websites faster than iPad. In case of CBS, since it has Flash content, iPad does not fully load the website.

This is followed by an Acid3 web standards test on both devices. Both the devices score 100 points but the demonstrator points out that there is a rendering artifact seen on iPad's Safari browser, which is not seen on the Playbook, which apparently translates to better rendering and higher fidelity when it comes to loading real-world websites.

He then shows the tablets running Javascript and HTML 5 animations on the Pocket Full Of Canvas website. RIM PlayBook runs the animations smoothly while it appears to be a little choppy on the iPad.

In short, in almost all of the tests, the RIM is shown to outperform the iPad (not surprisingly). 

Now, the important thing to note here is that the PlayBook is expected to be launched in early 2011 and here we have RIM comparing it to a product that's almost a year old. It will be interesting to see the comparison test when Apple launches the second generation iPad, we're quite confident that RIM won't be releasing a video to compare PlayBook with it. 

What do you think about these tests? 

[via BlackBerry Blog]