Next Gen iPad To Get Video Calling, Retina Display, Gyroscope, USB Support & More


With the first generation iPad about to turn a year old, rumors of the next generation iPad or the iPad 2 as it is known now, have already started circulating.

A Chinese newspaper claims that according to “industry sources”, iPad 2 would feature as many as 5 new features.

While the veracity of that claim is yet to be ascertained, here are those features you might already be curious to learn about.

Video Phone

This feature would obviously mean that the next generation iPad might get a front video call camera – and with it, Facetime support as well (obviously). What we are doubtful about is whether Apple will choose to add a rear camera to the iPad 2, now that most of its competition have started flaunting their camera laden tablets. Do you think Apple would want to be left behind?

New display technology

The second feature addition is claimed to be a new display technology that the iPad 2 would come with. With Apple unlikely to use Super AMOLED displays, this can only point towards a higher resolution screen with tweaks to the existing screen technology or will it be a retina display that measures 9.7 inches across with an insane amount of pixel density? Well my guess is as good as yours but retina display would be awesome.

3-axis Gyroscope

The iPhone 4 already has a 3 axis gyroscope and it would only make sense for the technology to be introduced in the next generation iPad. In all, this would be a great boon for all you iPad gamers who would now get a much improved motion gaming experience.

Better mobility

While this cannot be touted as a feature addition, this certainly is important. In Steve Job’s last public appearance at the quarterly earnings call, he had severely criticized the makers of smaller tablets whilst adding:

The reason we won’t make a 7-inch tablet isn’t because we don’t want to hit that price point, it’s because we think the screen is too small to express the software.

So what we know for sure is that unless Jobs would want to eat his own words, the 9.7 inch screen on the iPad is definitely not getting smaller. In that case, what would be the meaning of “better mobility”? Well, since a size change is almost out of question, the only way the updated version would get better mobility is by reducing the weight and making the product easier to carry around, doesn’t it?

USB Support

Lastly, we have the much sought after USB port option. This would certainly turn out to be a boon for all iPad 2 users. The first generation iPad used the same old Apple’s standard 30 pin dock connector to communicate with your computer. With USB ports (most likely, a mini USB port) the iPad would be finally free from its dependence over the proprietary dock.

What do you think about these new features? What’s on your wish list for the next gen iPad?

[Via ComputerWorld]