White iPhone 4s Being Sold In China?

white iphone 4

Apple has been delaying the launch of the white iPhone 4, which was supposed to arrive along with the black iPhone 4 back in June.

In the last official update from Apple, the white iPhone 4 launch has been delayed till “Spring 2011”.

We have also heard speculations that Apple might decide to scrap the white iPhone altogether because by the time it arrives, we would be inching closer towards the arrival of the next generation iPhone – making the entire effort to bring the white iPhone – pointless.

Folks from GizChina have spotted a bunch of elusive white iPhone 4s being sold in the grey market in China. The white iPhones, were running iOS 4.1 and as expected, are going for sky high prices.


All these white iPhones apparently are from a shipment that was meant for Apple's internal use because they carry a label that reads “for internal use only”. Whats more interesting about these white iPhone 4s is that they were apparently locked to AT&T.

As for the prices, the 16GB version is priced between $828 to $1024 and even higher for 64GB models.

Here is another photo:


What do you think about these white iPhone 4s? Do you think they're genuine or fake?

[Via GizChina]