Apple May Release Three Versions Of Next Generation iPad; Including a CDMA Version


Taiwan based publication Digtimes is reporting that Apple is expected to release three different versions of the next generation Apple iPad – including a CDMA version.

Digitimes claims that according to “industry sources”, the mass production of all three versions will start in the later half of January 2011. Apple has initially kept a ratio of 3:4:3 for Wi-Fi, UMTS and the CDMA versions of the iPad respectively.  

Apart from getting a CDMA version, the next generation iPad is also likely to receive some anti-smudge and anti-reflective treatments. It is rumored that iPad 2 may get front and rear cameras, video calling and USB support.

Apple is expected to formally launch iPad 2 by the end of the first quarter – at about the same time the “original” iPad was announced a year ago.

Verizon currently offers the Wi-Fi only version of the iPad along with MiFi mobile hotspot bundle as its network doesn’t support the 3G chip used in the iPad. A CDMA version will allow the iPad to be sold on Verizon’s network as well as other CDMA networks around the world.

Would you be interested in buying a CDMA version of the iPad?

[via Digitimes]