aTV Flash Brings New Features To Apple TV 2G; Including The Ability To Surf The Web

Apple TV aTV Flash black

If you had the old Apple TV, you probably might have heard about aTV Flash, a software package that adds support for a browser, Boxee, USB hard drives, many file formats, EyeTV content, RSS feeds, FTP/SSH access, and additional plug-ins and apps.

Fire Core, developers of aTV have just released the first beta version of aTV Flash (black) for the new Apple TV.

aTV Flash brings the following features to Apple TV 2G:

  • Surf the Web – Experience the web in all its glory and stream HTML5 video from many popular sites (note: not all HTML5 sites supported yet).
  • Discover New Music – Find new artists you’ll love by accessing radio stations, artist bios and slideshows.
  • Plex Client – Stream media from Plex Server running on your Mac. (big thanks to quiqueck for putting this together)
  • Info on Demand – Keep track of current weather and news feeds on your AppleTV.
  • One-click Updates – Install, remove or update plugins in a snap through the native AppleTV interface.

Fire Core plans to add the following features in the future:

  • Go Beyond iTunes – Enable playback of additional media formats.
  • Access Media Anywhere – Stream media from most NAS devices.

You can checkout some of the demo videos of aTV Flash running on Apple TV 2G(it was initially supposed to be called Couch Surfer):

Unfortunately, the first beta version is compatible only with iOS 4. Fire Core plans to release the iOS 4.1 compatible version very soon.

aTV Flash (black) is currently available for pre-order for a discounted price of $19.99, which will also give you access to the beta version.

If you had bought aTV Flash for the old Apple TV then aTV Flash (black) is available as a free upgrade.

As always, please let us know if you check it out.