iPhone App Folders Disappearing After Upgrading To iOS 4.2?

iOS Folders disappearing

Apple introduced folder management back in June this year with the release of iOS 4. The feature let users organize the apps on their homescreen into folders for quick and easy access.

While this feature is without doubt very useful, a number of users have complained all along about a bug that causes folders to “disappear“.

According to these users, folders ocassionally get deleted resulting in the applications cluttering the homescreen once again. The root cause for this bug is yet to be determined though users have noted that the bug primarily affects folders when the user is in the process of updating certain apps.

Apparently, the latest iOS update does not seem to have addressed the issue. Instead, we are hearing that the bug may have now spread to the iPad as well. A number of users who have updated their iPad to the latest iOS 4.2 software update have reported similar issues. It is worth noting that the new iOS 4.2 update brings a common platform to all iDevices and brought features like folder management and multitasking to the iPad.

While Apple is yet to offer any official resolution in this regard, some users have come up with possible fixes to the problem. Folks at TiPb point us to one such fix:

“Update all your applications, move them into folders and then sync your iPhone/iPad.”

Do remember to update your iTunes to the latest version before trying out the fix. We would like to hear from our readers who have been affected by the issue. Does syncing your iPhone after updating all the apps solve the problem? Please tell us how this works in the comments below.

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