Next Generation iPad To Get iPod Touch-like Form Factor

iPad 2 rumors

Japanese Mac blog, Macotakara had come up with some interesting details regarding the next generation iPad last week. The website had claimed that according to their anonymous Chinese sources, iPad 2 could be equipped with a wide-range speaker that shall be positioned at the rear bottom of the device.

You might recall that folks at Electronista had backed these claims with pictures of a few iPad 2 cases that suggested similar features.

Now Macotakara is out with a few more interesting details. The website has managed to get hold of a couple of next generation iPad cases that could give us an idea of how this upcoming gadget could compare with the current iPad model. Macotakara has also published a video of these cases that you can find embedded below:

One noticeable change in what could be the next generation iPad is the tapering on the sides of the device. Unlike the current iPad model that has pretty flat sides, iPad 2 could come with slightly curved edges. This could also mean a realignment of the physical controls present in these positions. Consequently, it is possible that the volume rocker on the current iPad version could give way to a more oblong design in the upcoming model. We must however point out that this is an assumption made solely based on the iPad case video embedded above. It is possible for the volume rocker buttons to be retained as well.

The design of the iPad case also suggests that the new iPad could come with a flat back. This is unlike the present model, which comes with a slightly curved back. This design, along with the volume control buttons we wrote about earlier, could bring the iPad closer to the iPod Touch form factor.

However, one area where the new iPad could still stay close to the iPhone is in the rear camera. A closer look at the camera hole on the rear side of the iPad case suggests that iPad 2 could come with a camera similar to the one used in iPhone 4Macotakara’s demonstration also supports earlier claims that iPad 2 shall have a wide-range speaker on the rear bottom end of the device.

What do you make of this new design? Do you like these rumored changes made to the iPad? Tell us in the comments.

[via MacRumors]