Radio Shack Offering iPhone 4 For $25 With iPhone 3GS Trade-in

If you thought you missed out on all the discounts post the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, well, you’re in for some luck. Folks over at Radio Shack has announced a week long sale that started on Saturday and will last till December 11.

The highlight of the sale are the prices at which they are offering the iPhone. Apart from offering a discount of $50 off all iPhones, they are also offering iPhone 4 for $25 with iPhone 3GS trade-in.Radio Shack is selling all iPhones at a $50 discount from their original prices. This translates to iPhone 3GS for $50, the 16GB iPhone 4 for $150 and the 32GB iPhone 4 for $250. Sounds enticing? But it doesn’t end there. Radio Shack is also offering a $75 and $125 credit when you trade in a working iPhone 3G or an iPhone 3GS respectively for iPhone 4. When clubbed with the $50 savings we talked about earlier, this translates to a cool $175 discount for an iPhone 4. With this discount, the 32GB iPhone 4 model will cost only $125 instead of $299 and the 16GB iPhone 4 model will cost $25 instead of $199. All these prices exclude taxes and standard activation fees.

Radio Shack is also not bothering to access the value of the handset based on the physical condition. The old iPhone should be in working condition and it should not have a cracked screen to qualify for the trade-in.

The offer is available at any of the 4600 Radio Shack stores across the US. Existing AT&T customers will need to check their eligibility for this offer using Radio Shack’s eligibility checker program.

If you were planning to buy iPhone 4 or upgrade your iPhone then this is probably the best time to buy one. Use this online store locator to find the one nearest to you now.

What do you think about Radio Shack’s offer? Are you tempted?

[via AppleInsider]