UK Carriers Announce Subsidized iPad Prices With Two-Year Data Contracts


It was just a few days ago that we reported about Orange UK ringing in new, subsidized prices for the Apple iPad WiFi +3G model for customers willing to commit to a contract. The new plans were supposed to be rolled out early this month and that has exactly what has happened.

If that wasn’t all, Orange’s competitors – Three and T-Mobile too have come up with their own subsidized plans for the iPad Wi-Fi + 3G model. All these new plans will not only make the iPad a wee bit affordable for people, but will also give more options to the consumer to select a plan that suits them the best (assuming you want to be tied in for two years).

We had reported last week that Orange will sell 16GB, 32GB and 64GB iPad Wi-Fi+3G models for £199, £249 and £349 respectively with a two-year contract.

Here are some more details about the plans.

Users get 1GB of data in peak hours as well as 1GB during “quiet time” between midnight and 4PM. They also offer 3GB of Wi-Fi usage using BT Openzone. This is priced at £25 for current customers or £27 for new customers.

As for Three, it offers 15GB of data per month on its network for £25. This however does not include Wi-Fi access.

On T-Mobile, which is now part of the same group as Orange UK, for £25, users get 1GB of data at peak times and 1GB at “quiet time” (midnight to 10am). However, there is no Wi-Fi hotspot usage in this plan like they have it on Orange.

Now that you know the prices of these subsidized plans, do you think it is worth subscribing to one of these plans and commit for two years or would you rather remain free of any sort of contract by spending more initially and get a contract free iPad for yourselves?

[via MacRumors]