Verizon iPhone Could Be Unveiled “By Valentine’s Day”

Verizon iPhone announcement

Various news reports over the past few months have hinted at the imminent arrival of the CDMA iPhone on Verizon. Now, according to a new report on Bloomberg Businessweek, Apple could be holding a special media event “by Valentine’s Day” to unveil the new Verizon iPhone to customers.

The report does not provide specific dates although it notes that the announcement is likely to be made after the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas that is scheduled to be held between January 6-9, 2011.

The Businessweek report is backed by earlier research from the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times who have claimed similar timelines for the launch of the Verizon iPhone. However, the report is particularly interesting in the backdrop of events over the past few weeks that increasingly confirm the arrival of this new iPhone variant. You may remember a tweet posted on the official Verizon account that appeared to confirm these speculations.

Both Apple and Verizon are learned to be on a hiring spree in recent times. While Apple has posted a number of job openings seeking engineers with experience in CDMA technology, Verizon is learned to be pursuing call center executives who are expected to be trained to handle iPhone related queries. While we must note that our inference is still speculative at best, it is worth pointing out that AT&T – the iPhone’s exclusive carrier partner in the United States – has been actively promoting its other range of smartphones. This is being seen as a strategy to get ready for the post-exclusivity era.

The launch of an iPhone on Verizon could have its own share of problems. iPhone users are among the highest consumers of bandwidth in the United States and the launch of a CDMA handset could bring network clogging issues – a problem that has afflicted the AT&T network for over three years – to Verizon as well. However, with AT&T raising the Early Termination Fee on their smartphones, the number of customers migrating to Verizon is likely be a small fraction which is likely to benefit Verizon in the short term.

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