iPad 2 May Get Thinner And Anti-Reflection Screen, 1.2 GHz Dual Core CPU, Double RAM, Cameras & More

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According to Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst from Concord Securities who claims to have knowledge of the components that will be used in iPad 2, has revealed that the next generation will not get iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4G-like retina display.

According to him, the second generation iPad will get an anti-reflection screen.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo’s report, the next generation iPad will come with the following improvements and enhancements:


The improvement of iPad 2 display, focuses on thickness and anti-reflection, not resolution. iPad 2 display module is 30~35% thinner than iPad 1 and it’s helpful for better form factor. Thanks to anti-reflection, iPad 2 could have better sunlight readable experience and it’s helpful for Apple to compete with Amazon’s fast growing Kindle business.


iPad 2 will use [ARM] Cortex-A9 dual core processor running at 1.2GHz. Increasing 1~2% single core processor clock results in a 3~5% power increase and dual core could get a better balance between computing power and power consumption. That’s the reason why Apple will use dual core for iPad 2.


iPad 2 will also have a GPU using Imagination’s SGX543 dual core graphics technology which is 200~300% powerful than iPhone 4.


For making full use of GPU upgrading advantage, iPad 2 needs bigger memory bandwidth. So iPad 2 has 512MB RAM, same as iPhone 4 and twice as much as iPad 1, but running at higher clock 1,066 MHz for getting bigger memory bandwidth (iPhone 4 memory clock is 800 MHz).

CDMA and GSM iPad models:

iPad 2 adds one new CDMA model and it could bring more market share to Apple. Project IDs of Wi-Fi, GSM and CDMA iPad 2 models are different. GSM iPad will use Infineon chip and CDMA iPad will use Qualcomm chip.


iPad has two cameras. Front camera is 0.3 mega-pixel [VGA, like iPhone 4] and rear one is 1 mega-pixel [like iPod touch, rather than iPhone 4]. Front camera is for Facetime and Photo Booth and 0.3 mega-pixel is enough because the resolution of iPad 2 is 1,024×768. Rear camera is for applications such as video recording and augmented reality.

Other than the new features and improvements mentioned above, Chou has also mentioned that iPad 2 could come with an SD Card slot but he hasn’t confirmed it.

We have heard several rumors and speculations about iPad 2 getting dual-core processor, dual-core GPU, cameras and CDMA model but it’s the first time we have received information of iPad 2 getting a 1.2 GHz processor and anti-reflection screen.

In the past, Amazon has attacked iPad in Kindle commercials to point out that iPad’s glossy screen is less readable in direct sunlight as compared to Kindle’s e-ink screen, which reads like real paper with no glare. So the anti-reflection screen is probably to take on Amazon’s Kindle.

We can’t wait to see the official tech specs of the next generation iPad? What about you?

[via AppleInsider]