Verizon Offering AT&T’s iPhone Customers Attractive Trade-in Credit?

verizon iphone

If you’re an AT&T iPhone customer who is planning to switch to Verizon when the Apple’s iPhone is available on its network early next month then it looks like Verizon wants to make things easier for you.

Macrumors is reporting that Verizon will be offering AT&T’s iPhone customers credit if they trade-in their AT&T iPhone for Verizon iPhone.

AT&T iPhone customers will get the following amount of credit for trading-in their GSM iPhones:

  • iPhone 2G – 16GB: $60
  • iPhone 3G – 16GB: $105
  • iPhone 3Gs 32GB: $160
  • iPhone 4- 16GB: $280
  • iPhone 4 – 32GB: $360

It’s not clear if the trade-in credit mentioned above is only meant for corporate customers as we had initially heard rumors that Verizon will be offering at least $200 to AT&T customers who trade-in their iPhone.

Anyways, a word of caution before you decide to jump ship. AT&T iPhone customers who are planning to switch to Verizon iPhone by terminating their contract with AT&T will have to pay an Early Termination Fee (ETF) of $325 (if you had purchased your iPhone before June 1 2010 then you will have to pay ETF of $175) minus $10 for each month that they were with AT&T. We now know why AT&T increased the ETF charges from $175 to $325 in May 2010.

Though users have the option to sell their old iPhones on eBay, Craiglist etc the credit offered by Verizon to AT&T customers for trading in their GSM iPhones appears to be quite attractive if users don’t want to go through the hassle.

Meanwhile, AT&T is quietly offering its iPhone customers unlimited data plans to stop them from switching to Verizon.

If you’re AT&T’s iPhone customer then please let us know what you plan to do in the comments section below.

[via Macrumors]