White iPhone 4 Issues Fixed With New Paint Material?


We’re hearing rumors that Apple may launch the white iPhone 4 very soon, which it had delayed until Spring 2011.

AppleInsider is reporting that according to their sources, an unknown Japanese company has developed a new paint material that will allow Apple to finally release the long-awaited white iPhone 4.

AppleInsider reports:

People close to Apple’s Far Eastern partners said this week that a unnamed Japanese company has crafted a new paint material at the iPhone maker’s request that allows for greater control and precision when it comes to the thickness of the paint layer being applied to the handsets. With this material, Apple has apparently been able to successfully manufacture white iPhone 4 that meet its high level of standards.

Using earlier painting methods, Apple’s attempts to manufacture the white iPhone 4 were said to have resulted in a “huge” number of defective handsets. The percentage was said to be so high that Apple simply could not proceed with manufacturing of the white iPhone 4 until a solution was produced.

We have started seeing entries for the white iPhone 4 in Best Buy’s inventory database and Vodafone Germany’s inventory system.

Anyone waiting for the white iPhone 4 or do you think Apple should save it for the next generation iPhone?

[via AppleInsider]