AT&T Enables Personal Mobile Hotspot Feature For iOS 4.3 Users

AT&T iPhone

When Verizon and Apple launched CDMA iPhone 4 – mobile hotspot feature, which allows users to use iPhone’s data connection with up to 5 Wi-Fi enabled mobile devices was considered one of the major selling points.

But iOS 4.3 beta 1 revealed that the personal mobile hotspot feature will be coming to GSM iPhone.

Though AT&T hasn’t officially announced the feature specifically for iPhone customers, it recently announced that it will be increasing the monthly data limits from 2GB to 4GB from February 13th for users on a smartphone tethering plan at no additional cost, which indicated that it was gearing up to launch the feature for iPhone customers.

AppleInsider reports that a developer has managed to get the feature enable on his iPhone running the beta version of iOS 4.3.

The individual reporting AT&T’s acquiescence in provisioning the feature on his phone running the developer build says the carrier agreed “after I mentioned Verizon a few times.”

We’re hearing several reports that the mobile hotspot feature works for users who have opted for AT&T’s tethering plans.

So looks like AT&T iPhone users are also going to get the mobile hotspot feature when iOS 4.3 is released in late February.

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[via AppleInsider]