iOS 4.3 May Be Released Next Week?

iOS 4.3

BGR reports that iOS 4.3 Golden master is ready and will be released anytime soon. The Golden Master version means that it is the shipping version of the software that developers must use to develop and submit apps that are compatible with iOS 4.3.

BGR also claims that Apple will release iOS 4.3 at next week’s media event, where it is widely speculated to unveil iPad 2.

BGR reports:

One of our Apple sources has just informed us that it looks like Apple has finalized the code for its upcoming iOS 4.3 release. The build, we’re told, is 8F190 for those keeping track.

Maybe we’ll see this release unify the Verizon iPhone OS-wise as well? We’ll probably see this in the wild next week if we had to bet…

BGR had accurately predicted the release date of previous iOS 4.3 beta versions.

It will be interesting to see if iPad 2, which is expected to be unveiled at next week’s event will come pre-installed with iOS 4.3 or some other version.

Here are some of the features and changes that have been discovered in iOS 4.3 beta 1, beta 2 and beta 3 so far:

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[via BGR]