MobileNotifier: Jailbreak App Aims To Revamp iOS Push Notification System

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Apple’s Push Notification system has been maligned for being intrusive and modal. iOS competitors on the other hand have been doing a good job on this front of late. HP’s webOS for example has a banner notification system that has been widely acclaimed.

We’ve also heard rumors that Apple is acquiring a small developer to help them fix the Push notification system.

If you’ve jailbroken your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch then you probably don’t have to wait for Apple to fix it as developer, Peter Hajas has released a jailbreak app called MobileNotifier, which is pretty cool.

Mobile Notifier is inspired by Android’s notification system so unlike iOS’s push notification system, MobileNotifier prevents notifications from interrupting you and allows you to access your notifications from a drop-down drawer. You can also access the notifications from your iOS device’s lock screen.

Peter has also cleverly used the unused area when you activate the multitasking switcher for the Alert Dashboard to show the pending alerts/notifications.

You can checkout the demo video of see how MobileNotifier works:

Peter has recently released the third beta version of MobileNotifier, which you can install from the Cydia App Store by following these steps:

  • Launch Cydia from your jailbroken iOS device homescreen.
  • Tap on the Manage Tab and then tap on Sources.
  • Tap on the Edit button and then tap the Add button to add the following repo URL:
  • After it is successfully added, tap on the Search tab and search for MobileNotifier.
  • Tap on MobileNotifier from the search results
  • Then tap on the Install button and then Confirm to install it on your iOS device
  • You will be prompted to Restart SpringBoard, tap on the button to proceed.

That’s it, you should now be able to use the revamped notification system courtesy MobileNotifier.


Peter has released a new version of MobileNotifier, which resolves the issue with Alarm notifications.

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[via Peter Hajas, thanks Jeff for the tip]