Verizon iPhone Sales Lower Than Apple And Verizon’s Expectations?

verizon iphone

BGR reports that sales of Verizon iPhone has fallen short of Apple and Verizon’s expectations based on information from five Apple stores during the first five day’s of Verizon iPhone’s availability.

BGR has revealed total unit sales totals from five Apple stores, which includes two prominent Apple stores.

  • Thursday: Verizon = 909, AT&T = 539
  • Friday: Verizon = 916, AT&T = 680

  • Saturday: Verizon = 660, AT&T = 471
  • Sunday: Verizon = 796, AT&T = 701
  • Monday: Verizon = 711, AT&T = 618

BGR goes on to provide some more interesting statistics:

we have been told that online pre-orders between Verizon and Apple amounted to around 550,000 units. We also have some statistics on who’s buying Verizon iPhones to share with you: 30% of people buying Verizon iPhones were Android users, just over 25% of people buying iPhone 4 were BlackBerry users, and only 14% of people buying the Verizon iPhone were AT&T iPhone owners. The remaining percent didn’t want to say, didn’t have a smartphone, or didn’t have a phone prior to making their iPhone 4 purchases last week.

It was widely expected that AT&T’s iPhone customers who have complained about AT&T’s poor network coverage and waiting for Verizon to offer Apple’s iPhone will be queuing up for the Verizon iPhone and since the GSM iPhone 4 has been available for more than six months now, many expected that Verizon iPhone to easily outsell AT&T iPhone. But as you can see from the sales figures above in some cases Verizon iPhone has barely outsold the GSM iPhone.

As we had pointed out in our comparison of Verizon iPhone with At&T iPhone, there are few reasons for the lower then expected performance of Verizon iPhone:

  • Verizon’s CDMA network does not permit simultaneous voice and data transfer, which has been seen as a deal breaker by some of our readers, especially AT&T iPhone users who are used to this feature.
  • AT&T iPhone customers planning to switch to Verizon iPhone by terminating their contract with AT&T have to pay a very high Early Termination Fee (ETF) of $325 (if you had purchased your iPhone before June 1 2010 then you will have to pay ETF of $175) minus $10 for each month that they were with AT&T.
  • AT&T has been trying its best to prevent iPhone customers from switching to Verizon. We’ve heard reports that AT&T is quietly giving some of its iPhone customers the option to switch to unlimited data plan and 3G MicroCells to its customers who are suffering from poor network coverage in their homes or offices. AT&T is also giving away 1000 free rollover minutes to thank iPhone customers for sticking with them instead of switching to Verizon.

We believe that the high ETF could be a major reason for lower than expected sales of Verizon iPhone. It remains to be see if Verizon plans to up the game by offering AT&T’s iPhone customers more incentives, which convinces them to switch.

If you’re an AT&T iPhone customer then we would love to find out what was the reason for sticking with AT&T. Do you plan to switch after your contract with AT&T is over? Let us know in the comments section below.

[via BGR]