iOS 4.3: Update On Unlocking & Jailbreaking iPhone

iOS 4.3

In January, iPhone Dev Team had announced that the unlock for iPhone 4 will be released after iOS 4.3 is released.

If you’ve been waiting for iPhone Dev team to release a new version of Ultrasn0w to unlock iOS 4.3, which was released today then we have some bad news for you.

Based on the series of tweets by MuscleNerd, member of the iPhone Dev Team things are not looking too good on the iPhone unlocking front. He writes:

Sorry, there’s no news on the i4 unlock for those who lost 01.59 (or never had it). It’s taking longer than we wanted 🙁

If you’re wondering what happened to the unlock method that Dev team talked about in January then looks like it was SIM dependent:

there’s no way for us to know. We were making great headway with one version til we realized it was SIM dependent (!)

I mean dependent on particular SIM 🙂 I have two T-Mobile SIMs, and it behaved different on each (we understand why too)

As for the jailbreaking scene, there is some hope. MuscleNerd has hinted that a untethered jailbreak for iOS 4.3 could come from many sources:

The 4.3 untether JB could come from many sources.. @i0n1c, the pwn2own contestants, @comex are 3 possible (maybe more?)

Comex has previously released popular jailbreaking tools like Spirit and JailbreakMe. So iPhone jailbreakers and unlockers have been advised to avoid upgrading to iOS 4.3 until the updated jailbreaking tools for iOS 4.3.

Apple is currently winning the cat and mouse game with the dev teams, especially when it comes to unlocking iPhone. Though there have been jailbreaking tools like greenpois0n, PwnageTool, Sn0wbreeze and Redsn0w released to jailbreak the last iOS software update – iOS 4.2.1, there has been no software solution to unlock iPhone 4 basebands – 02.10.04 (bundled with iOS 4.1), 03.10.01 (bundled with iOS 4.2.1), 04.10.01 (bundled with iOS 4.3) or iPhone 3G/iPhone 3GS basebands – 05.14.02 (bundled with iOS 4.1), baseband 05.15.04 (bundled with iOS 4.2.1) and baseband 05.16.00 (bundled with iOS 4.3). Note: You can find your iPhone’s baseband by going to Settings –> About –> Modem Firmware

Dev team had released a method to unlock iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS by upgrading baseband to 06.15.00 (bundled with iOS 3.2.2 for iPad) but had its share of issues.

So if want the freedom to use your iPhone on any carrier then it probably makes sense to buy a factory unlocked iPhone as Apple will keep making it more and more difficult, if not impossible to unlock iPhone.


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