iPad 2 3G GSM Model Is Carrier Unlocked

iPad 2

If you’re hoping to use iPad 2 3G on T-Mobile’s network or buy it on Ebay as it’s not available in your country then we’ve some good news.

MuscleNerd, member of the iPhone Dev team has confirmed that iPad 2 3G + Wi-Fi GSM model is carrier unlocked.

MuscleNerd confirmed it on Twitter:

Confirming iPad2 is carrier unlocked: http://is.gd/PAwtPX (same BB as iPhone…unlock status is in per-device “seczone”)

The iPad2 unlock status was completely expected, just confirming it for those who want to use T-Mobile instead of AT&T. Doesn’t apply to i4

And you can checkout the screenshot of iPad 2 3G + Wi-Fi model working on T-Mobile (FaceTime and Camera apps if you’ve any doubt):

Are you happy to find out iPad 2 3G is carrier unlocked? Let us know in the comments.

[via Twitter]