Leaked Photos Of Apple’s iPad 2? [Updated]

iPhone nano

With just a few hours to go for Apple’s media event where it is expected to unveil the 2nd generation iPad, folks at Chinese site DGtle have published of what they claim are photos of iPad 2.

Check them out and let us know if you think they are real or fake.

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Wired Magazine points out that the photos are fake for the following reasons, though they look quite convincing:

First, the screen isn’t straight in the shell. The status-bar at the top is a little thicker on the left of the screen. It is also missing the word “iPad” at top left, and the battery icon is not close enough to the top right edge.

You want more? What about that headphone jack. If you thought that the original iPhone’s jack was bad (it required a special, long plug to fit all the way in), then this one will drive you crazy.

That speaker grille, too, looks suspicious. We’re expecting a beefed up speaker, but those holes look too messy. Or rather, their position looks too messy, not quite lining up properly with anything.

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