New MobileMe Service To Offer Digital Locker For $20 Per Year


We’ve already heard several rumors and speculations that Apple will launch the revamped version of MobileMe at a special event next month, where it is also expected to unveil its next generation iOS – iOS 5.

The revamped version of MobileMe is expected to be a cloud-based service that will allow users to upload their music, TV shows and movies to Apple’s servers so that they can access them from various devices.

We’ve also heard rumors that Apple is negotiating with music labels to allow users to redownload music purchased from iTunes store an unlimited number of times from any device as it will be one of the features of the cloud-based digital locker.

Music Void reports that according to their sources, Apple has already sealed a deal with Warner and is apparently using it to convince other music labels.

These same sources tell me that although Universal Music and EMI are more or less pushovers, Apple may actually get some pushback from Sony. Sony Corporate has declared sensou on Apple and could hold out just to mess with them. However, considering the backbone of the typical record label executive when it comes to tampering in any way with about 70% of their digital revenue, don’t expect any profiles in courage.

The reality is that, no matter what Jon Bon Jovi says, the record industry is Steve Jobs’ bitch. Jobs knows it and so does everyone else.

They’re also reporting that Apple is planning to charge $20 per year for the digital music locker.

The digital locker could be a useful feature as currently, when you buy a song, video, TV show or album from the iTunes store, you are entitled to download it only once, a restriction forced by music labels and studios, so you have to backup the iTunes library on a regular basis.

Are you interested in the digital locker service? Do you think its worth $20 per year? Please share your views in the comments section below.

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