Apple Forced To Offer 7-day Trial Period For Paid Apps In Taiwan

App Store

Earlier in the month, we heard reports that Apple and Google had been ordered by the Taiwanese government to offer a 7-day trial mechanism for apps in the App Store and Android Market as it violated Taiwan’s Consumer Protection Act.

According to Indian publication, The Economic Times Apple has changed its App Store policy and has started offering paid apps in the App Store for a 7-day trial period in Taiwan, while Google was fined Tw$1,000,000 ($34,600) for refusing to change its policy.

According to some reports, Google has pulled paid apps from the Android Market in Taiwan to protest against the fine.

It would be the first time that Apple would be offering paid apps for a trial period. It is not clear if Apple is offering refunds via the iTunes support procedure or has built the functionality in the App Store.

Though it may not be appropriate for all the paid apps or games, it would be great if Apple offered paid apps for a 7-day (or shorter) trial period globally as a feature.

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