Comex: Running Out Of Bugs To Fix; JailbreakMe 3.0 Release Imminent?

JailbreakMe 3.0

Comex – developer of JailbreakMe – popular browser-based jailbreak tool, who is expected to release a new version of the tool to jailbreak iPad 2 has tweeted few hours back that he is “running out of bugs to fix”, indicating that the release of Jailbreakme 3.0 is imminent.

The countdown to the release of JailbreakMe 3.0 started when Comex teased us by updating the website with a photograph of a ski slope with a sign that says “PDF”, which suggested that he has discovered a new PDF exploit – similar to the one used for JailbreakMe 2.0

He has continued to provide us information since then. Last week, he revealed that he has reduced the time it will take to jailbreak an iOS device by using unionfs approach instead of using the stashing approach that has been used by jailbreak tools, which he hopes to use the approach for iPad 2.

Few days back, he updated the site with what looks like the commit history of the JailbreakMe source code on Github – a source code hosting web service since August 2010 with a note that read: “It’s been far too long”

We still don’t know when the new version of JailbreakMe will be released, but based on his tweet it looks like it could be anytime soon. The new version of JailbreakMe, which will support iOS 4.2.1 to iOS 4.3.3 and should be compatible with all iOS devices (including iPad 2).

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[via Twitter (Comex)]