Facebook To ‘Launch Something Awesome’ Next Week; Will It Launch iPad App or Photo-Sharing App?


Mark Zukerberg, CEO and founder of Facebook – world’s biggest social networking website told reporters earlier today that they plan to launch something awesome next week.

He didn’t reveal what will be launched, but based on the rumors and speculations, Facebook could finally launch the much awaited iPad app, an HTML5 based mobile platform codenamed “Project Spartan” that works on mobile Safar, or an iPhone photo-sharing service.

Reuters reports:

Chief Executive and founder Mark Zuckerberg told reporters in a visit to Facebook’s Seattle office on Wednesday that the company planned to “launch something awesome” next week.

He said the project had been developed at the 40-person Seattle office, Facebook’s only major engineering center outside of its Palo Alto, California headquarters.

Facebook is also rumored to be working on a Facebook phone, but based on the size of the team it seems unlikely that Facebook will surprise us by launching a Facebook phone next week.

Lets’ hope its either the Facebook iPad app or the photo-sharing service. What would you like Facebook to release? Let us know in the comments.

[via Reuters]