iOS 5 Allows Multiple App Downloads Simultaneously Over Wi-Fi And 3G

iOS 5

Currently, downloading iOS app updates directly on the iOS device from the App Store can be painfully slow if there are multiple iOS app updates, as the apps are downloaded and installed one at a time.

Folks at Apple’N’Apps have discovered that in iOS 5, multiple iOS app updates are downloaded simultaneously.

So with iOS 5, you no longer have to wait or pause the download of a large app update to download and install updates for the rest of the iOS apps.

You can download and install multiple iOS app updates over Wi-Fi as well as over 3G data connection, but it looks like the 20MB (per app) download limit over 3G still applies.

It’s a not a major improvement, but it is good to see one of the pain points addressed in iOS 5.

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[via Apple’N’Apps]