iOS 5 Features: Improved FaceTime Video Quality; Enable FaceTime For iPhone 4 Users In Middle East

iOS 5

According to the folks at, Apple’s FaceTime video calling feature might be finally coming to iPhone 4 users in the Middle East countries.

Last October, when Apple launched iPhone 4 in UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, users were disappointed to find out that FaceTime – one of the major features was not supported.

It was widely speculated that Apple and Carriers in the Middle East countries decided to drop the feature as some of these countries have banned certain VoIP services in the past. The only way to enable the feature was to use jailbreak tweaks like FaceTime Activator and MiddleWhat that enable the feature in unsupported countries like UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, etc.

We’re not sure what has changed, but folks at have just confirmed that FaceTime works in iOS 5 beta, which is good news for iPhone 4 users. They’ve also published a screenshot:

That’s not the only FaceTime related change coming to iPhone 4. Apple has also revealed in one of the slides during the WWDC 2011 keynote address on Monday that iOS 5 will also bring improvements to video quality and iOS 5 beta has revealed that Apple will enable FaceTime over 3G for carriers that allow it.

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