JailbreakMe 3.0: Comex Releases Fix For Camera Connection Kit Issue And Verizon iPhone Stuck At Apple Logo Issue

JailbreakMe 3.0

Comex has released a fix for the Camera connection kit issue for iPad users and to also address the bug that causes Verizon iPhones to get stuck at the Apple logo.

The fix for the camera connection kit issue is available via Cydia, while Comex has provided couple of options to address the bug reported by Verizon iPhone users.

The fix for the camera connection issue is available as an ‘Essential Upgrade’ in Cydia. Saurik has tweeted:

So, @comex made some fixes to the kernel patches for JailbreakMe, and we are pushing them as an “Essential Upgrade”… I hope this works! 🙁

To be clear: do /not/ go back to jailbreakme.com and “redo” the jailbreak; instead, just open Cydia, and accept the new “Essential Upgrade”.

Users whose Verizon iPhone is stuck at the Apple logo after using JailbreakMe 3.0 have two options to fix the issue:

  1. Hold down the home and power buttons until you see “Connect to iTunes”, then use iTunes to restore to the latest firmware. This will lose data stored on the phone.
  2. Apply a quasi-experimental fix using redsn0w. Download:
    • redsn0w 0.9.6rc19: Windows / Mac (do not use an earlier version)
    • Fix bundle, depending on firmware version: 4.2.6 / 4.2.7 / 4.2.8
    • IPSW for your firmware version, if you don’t have it: 4.2.6 / 4.2.7 / 4.2.8
    Open Redsn0w, select your IPSW, choose “Install custom bundle“, and select the fix bundle. Then follow the directions. If it works correctly, after installation your phone will boot normally.

Comex had previously also fixed the ‘Cydia Disappears’ issue.

Please don’t forget to let us know how it goes in the comments.

[via Comex]